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Clubhouse Kitchen Classes
We are thrilled to announce our new series of culinary classes which will take place in the "secret" clubhouse!  Learn about foraging for wild edibles in classes such as "Eat the Weeds" and "Cooking with Wild Mushrooms," or  master outdoor cast iron cooking and smoking  in the "Cauldron Class," or delve into food history with Larry's favorite, "Cook like Columella."  Class sizes are limited to 10 students.  Price - $195-$695

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Eat the Weeds Class
Spring 2024

Learn how to identify, harvest, process, and cook with common, delicious, wild edibles. In this fun-filled class you will discover which plants that are often called “weeds,” offer incredible flavor and nutrients, are exciting to find and cook with, and are equally delicious to eat.

Did you know you can make remarkable capers out of dandelion buds and a crispy and a beautiful fritter from dandelion blooms? Or that most parts of the burdock plant can be eaten and is essentially a wild form of artichoke? Or that curly dock transforms in the pan into the most delicious “creamed spinach” without adding any cream? You will learn all of this and much more in this unique and thought-provoking class.

This class is being held at an incredibly dynamic time of year when there is an abundance of delectable and healthy wild plants growing all around us. After a morning of identifying and harvesting a variety of plants, we will demonstrate how these plants can be prepared, cooked and preserved. 

The class will create a memorable foraged meal that will be enjoyed with wine and other refreshments including beverages made with foraged ingredients.
Cooking with 
Wild Mushrooms Class

Join us for our first ever foraged mushroom class! Linda and Larry began mushroom foraging nearly 27 years ago, and, of all of their fun “foodie” adventures, this is their favorite outdoor activity!

In this fun and informative class, you will first learn the secrets to successful and safe wild mushroom foraging. This rewarding activity requires absolute certainty in your identification, so in the morning, we will teach you the skills and resources required for you to confidently go out and find your own delicious specimens.

We will spend the rest of the day creating several memorable dishes to be shared over a glass of wine with the class as well demonstrate several great and creative ways to preserve your foraged harvest. This class will fill fast, so please don’t wait to register.
Cauldron Class

The long-anticipated Cauldron class will be the most fun you can have cooking! Imagine: an array of preparations made low and slow, cast iron pots suspended over the coals, smokers performing their magic, and creating savory masterpieces using ancient techniques. Channel your inner peasant while you carefully stir and tend the fire —all while enjoying adult beverages.

What you will make:  

Smoked Cheeses
Norwegian Gjetost
Pennsylvania Dutch-style apple butter
Sicilian country-style Sunday sauce (long cooked pasta sauce infused with umami and meaty goodness)
Belizean confit Pork ribs
Lard rendering with the creation of deliciously crunchy chicharrones 
Flatbread cooked “on the coals”
Chicken “on a string”
Colonial Dutch-style Donuts (Olykoeks or oily cakes)

​Join us for an incredibly memorable class!
Autumn in Vermont is gorgeous! Along with the views, there is an incredible array of delicious and inspiring ingredients available fresh from the gardens, woods, and fields; so, this is the perfect time to have a cooking class dedicated to creating memorable dishes to share with your friends and family for years to come.

This class is the perfect follow up to the Cauldron Class, all recipes and techniques in each class will be different. So, register for either one or both classes and have an amazing and fun food experience! 

Join us (we expect this class to sell out, so don’t wait) for a unique experience in our new, Clubhouse Kitchen. We will work with ingredients from local organic farms and our own gardens, as well as foraged from the fields and woods of our unique and beautiful environment.  

The cooking projects will be diverse: from lacto-fermented vegetables, foolproof preserving and canning techniques (including jams and jellies), to sweet and savory pies (using pastry techniques such as a homemade butter-infused French-style crust, as well as a British hand-raised hot water and lard pastry), to traditional handmade Southern Italian pasta (no machines needed!), and more.

You will learn charcuterie techniques for traditional sausages and a silky liver pate. We will also include making ingredients such a rich bone broth, crème fraiche, and cultured butter. 

While cooking we will provide an array of hot and cold choices including several renowned local microbrews, home pressed cider, and unique non-alcoholic choices like South American sweet potato fly and Russian Kvass.
And to complete the array, we will make a traditional Sicilian-style Gelato as well as an impossibly smooth and creamy dairy-free Sorbetto.

Some of our class-made creations will be part of the Tuesday night class feast, several others you will take home to share with loved ones. Lunches, of course, will also be made in class. No one will leave this 3-day class hungry. 😉

Cooking with Earth's Bounty Class