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Linda Faillace
Author of "Mad Sheep"

Dr. Larry Faillace

About Three Shepherds of the Mad River Valley
​Dr. Larry and Linda Faillace, along with their three children--Francis, Heather, and Jackie--began a family farm enterprise located in the heart of Vermont's beautiful Green Mountains in 1993. Francis was the pasture and flock manager of 125 sheep, Heather milked the sheep and was owner of the guardian llama, while Jackie became America's youngest professional cheesemaker at the ripe old age of 11.  The entire family is committed to sustainable practices and quality artisanal products with a focus on mushrooms, chocolate, coffee, and cheese.

Larry and Linda are passionate cheeseophiles and food enthusiasts. Over the past twenty-four years they have taught the art and science of cheesemaking to over 4,000 students from around the world. Three Shepherds' cheeses and cheesemaking classes have been featured in numerous publications and television shows including:"Wall Street Journal, "Food Finds” on the Food Network, Martha Stewart Television, Gourmet, Cooking Light, Ski Magazine, Elle, and Travel and Leisure, to name a few. And Linda and Larry’s cheesemaking adventures have taken them across the United States to Colombia, Bermuda & Belize!

The Three Shepherds Farm cheesemaking courses focus on the principles of cheesemaking and how two basic ingredients and two catalysts are combined to make an amazing array of cheeses. The classes cover a plethora of topics including an in-depth study of milk itself (including a large focus on raw milk), a historical perspective of cheesemaking, the biology and biochemistry of making great cheese, the microbiology and magic of aging and ripening, cheese appreciation and wine/beer pairing, the politics of cheese, and much more. Larry and Linda bring a unique perspective to teaching that combines their academic background, personal exploration into food, and the importance of political food activism.

Many of Larry and Linda's students and consulting clients have achieved great success in their cheesemaking careers: top awards from the American Cheese Society, cheese businesses that have wonderful acclaim from their customers, as well as home cheesemakers who delight their friends and family on a regular basis. Along with consulting, teaching cheesemaking, and selling their own cheese at the Mad River Green Farmer’s Market, Larry and Linda have a passion for foraging for wild mushrooms with their well-loved dog. So when they are not enjoying time with their children and three grandchildren, Larry and Linda can be found wandering the woods in search of treasure.

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Dream big - 
then dream bigger!
 - Linda Faillace

Francis & Jenny Faillace
Owner of Vermont Pro Construction
Heather Faillace & Aaron Fournier
Owners of Frosted Fern Mosaics & Masonry
Jackie Faillace Daub
Proud mother and Marketing Specialist at  Lake Champlain Chocolates